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Dealing with Issues

In the event you have an issue; whatever it may be, we have provided this page to explain better how the system works at NSLL.  Whether it is a lost glove, you want to give Kudos to a volunteer, you have a question about the rules, or you have a question about play time, below should provide some guidance. 


  • If you are not sure who to contact, send an email to
  • Would you like to complement a volunteer, contact the President of the league so he can forward your compliment.
  • Need to send something by snail mail?  Not a problem, but be aware that it may take a week or two to be in our hands.   Send to:  NSLL, PO Box 691826, SA, TX 78269
  • If you are not sure who to contact on your issue, review the Board and Officers and email the person in charge of your issue.
  • Lost an Item?  Check with the concession stand, they can look in the lost and found.
  • Are you having a player issue or question?  Contact the player agent for your division.
  • Have a question about fundraising or sponsorship, contact that officer.
  • Have any questions on your team, go to your team manager.
  • Have a question with your Manager, or one that your Manager could not answer, go to the commissioner of your division.
  • Have a question that your Manager and your commissioner could not answer, ask the President of the league.
  • Do you have a complaint?  We ask that you do the following:  a)  Try to deal respectfully with the issue on your own.  b)  If you could not deal with the issue on your own, go to the manager of your team.  c)  If you could not go to the Manager or the Manager could not resolve the issue, then go to the commissioner of your division.  If a, b, and c, has not or could not work, then go to the President of the league.  We are going to ask that you document the complaint and provide the following information:  

1.  What the complaint is,

2.  Who are the individuals involved,

3.  What resolution are you proposing?  

4.  Send this to and this will be taken to the entire Board to offer a resolution.  Please be patient, this process can take a little time.

  • Not sure of the rules or have a question?  First, go to your Manager, if they are not sure, get a rule book or our league rules from the concession stand. 


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