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Registration FAQs

Registration is open to any boy or girl age 4 to 16, that lives within the NSLL boundaries or attends a school located within our boundaries.  NSLL plays in District 19 of the Texas West region of Little League baseball.  All registration rules are governed by Little League International.  Every player that registers will be placed on a team. 

What are your seasons?

NSLL offers 2 seasons per year. 

Spring season: March through early June. 

  • Spring Registration: December - February
  • Player evaluations in late January or early February.

Fall season: September through the end of October or early November. 

  • Fall Registration: August - September
  • Player evaluations in late August or early September.

Where do I register?


All registrations are completed online. Use the registration link to register.

What do I need to register?

Our online system allows you to upload a copy of your player's birth certificate and your proof of residency.


1.  Player's birth certificate.

We need to see the original government-issued certificate, we will not keep the certificate, but rather need to verify the player's age.


2.  Proof of residence


Proof of Residence must be established and supported by documents from THREE OR MORE of the following:


Driver’s License, Voter Registration, School records, State records, Federal records, Support payment records, Homeowner or tenant records, Utility bills, financial records, Insurance records, Medical records, Military records, Internet, cable or satellite records and/or Vehicle records. 

Note: Example-Three utility bills (water, gas, electric, phone, sewer, heating, waste disposal) constitute only ONE document.



What if I can't pay the registration fee?

We do not turn any player way.  We want all kids to be playing baseball/softball.  We will make arrangements based upon financial need.  Contact the Director of Registration for information or fill out the T-Mobile Call Up Grant.  


What is your refund policy?

If a player registers and is unable to participate refunds will be given based upon the following criteria.

  • If the player withdraws before teams are formed, then a full refund will be given for registration. Refunds for decals, fundraisers, etc will not be given.

  • If the player withdraws after the teams have been formed, a refund will not be given. 

A parent may petition the board for refunds in extreme or unusual situations.  These cases will be reviewed by the board on an individual basis.  


I noticed a fundraiser on the Registration, what is this, and what is the money for?

We require that every player participates in a fundraiser.  The registration fees cover the cost of the uniforms and equipment for the players.  Additional funds are required for utilities and basic costs of running the league, such as baseballs, repairs to the fields, and other required costs or maintenance.

At NSLL, we strive to maintain the best possible playing environment for the players.  We however are in need of funds to make improvements to the fields.  The dugouts need to be replaced, backstop pads need to be fixed, the entire lighting system will need to be replaced in the coming years.  We need help to meet the expenses of capital improvements.

We need sponsors to help.  If you or your workplace can be a sponsor, please let one of the registration volunteers or an NSLL Board Member know of your interest


How do I determine my child's league age?


League Age Information 


What league should/will my child play in?  What are player evaluations?

Little League Baseball is divided into leagues based upon age and playing ability.  At NSLL we recommend that players participate as follows:

4-6      T-ball. 

Entire roster bats


7-8      Machine pitch (recommended after two Spring seasons of T-ball). 

  • The machine is placed at 40 ft and throws the ball at around 45 mph. 
  • The entire roster bats.

9-12    Little League Baseball (kid pitch) Bases are 60 ft.  The pitching mound is 46 ft.  Little League is divided into two leagues

  • Minors - Those players ages 9 - 11 that are not playing in the majors. The entire roster bats.
  • Majors - Typically 11-12 yr olds. Little League rules require that all 12 yr olds play in the Majors. Only the 9 players on the field bat. Player evaluation is required to make this level

13-14  Jr Baseball. - Jr.s have been divided into Major/Minor divisions in recent years. 

  • Minors play on 80 ft bases and pitch from 54 ft.
  • Majors play on 80 ft bases and pitch from 54 ft for 1/2 the season then move to 90 ft bases and pitch from 60.5 ft - player evaluations are required to make this level.
  • Only the 9 defensive players on the field bat.

15-16    Sr. Baseball.  Sr baseball has been divided into Major/Minor division in recent years.

  • Srs play on 90 ft bases and pitch from 60.5 ft the whole season.
  • Only the 9 defensive players on the field bat.
  • The Spring Season will begin in mid to late April, typically as the Jr Varsity Seasons end. 
  • This group will typically be combined with the Big League for the Fall Season.

17-18  Big League Baseball. 

  • Play at 90 ft bases and pitch from 60.5 ft the whole season.  Only the 9 defensive players on the field bat.
  • The Spring Season will typically begin late in Spring, usually, as the Varsity baseball seasons end if we have enough players. 
  • This group is typically combined with Sr for the Fall Season.


By Little League rules, mandatory playtime for the regular season in every league is two consecutive innings in the field and one at-bat. 

  • The rules change for tournament play and are a little different for each league, please check with your manager to find out the details for your league.


Since there may be overlaps in some of the age categories, the player evaluations are used to determine the abilities of players to help better assign them to the proper league. 

  • Every player will be placed on a team. 
  • League placement is determined by age, Managers, and the Player Agent.  
  • We can't always promise that a player will be placed in the majors of a league. 
  • Little League rules require all 12 yr olds to be placed in the Majors.
  • A draft system is used to determine teams. 

Can my child play with his friends on the same team? Can I bring a group of players to the league and guarantee that they will be on the same team?

We strive to provide the best baseball experience we can for players.  We want to keep teams as evenly matched as possible and therefore can not guarantee team placement.

At a young age, for T-ball, we try to group players based upon neighborhoods, school attending and will make every attempt to keep friends together.  You should mark on your registration form if there is a certain player your child wants to play with.

At older ages, this will not be allowed because of the draft system and the need to keep talent evenly balanced.

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